Fishtank Project


The FishTank project is an initative to exersize the fundamentals of the Java progamming language as outlined in the Sun Java Computing Philosophy.


The FishTank consists of a basic client-server relationship. A master server maintains a list of all active FishTank servers. Collectivly, these servers make up the conceptual "FishTank". End-clients connect to these servers (they recieve the list from the master server), and can display a virtual "viewport" into a section of the tank represented by the server it is connected to. Fish object can be added to the tank by clients via an extensible Fish class. These fish are not restricted to the server the client is connected to, but are free to roam between servers so that clients connected to other servers can view them.



The current version:


Javadocs are available here


  • 12:35pm - 10/4/99 - In the process of converting the network transport to UDP. Packages probably will not build for a while.
  • 11:04pm - 9/29/99 - Just created the page.